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Hi, thank you for stopping by my page! My name is Matt Kilcup.

I am a tinkerer at heart that enjoys pushing my skills and abilities by learning new things. My passion for actualizing ideas and bringing them to fruition dives me and seeing lines of code turn into something live continues to amaze me. Having years of experience in Business Operations and Project Management has led to redefining my skills and continuing to build up my experience in development, to prepare myself for transitioning an avid hobby into something further.

Coding and development have always fascinated me, and I found myself going to GitHub and staring at all of the fantastic code. It continued motivating me to develop my own work and deep dive into learning how to code better. I welcome you to view my projects below.

A little more about me, I married my best friend and have four amazing children. When I am not waking up at 4 am to code, build, and tinker with new technologies, I enjoy spending time with my family, going on camping trips to Flagstaff and Northern Arizona, attending Arizona Diamondbacks games, and taking time to enjoy life.

My other technology interest is Linux, especially Arch Linux. I love the simplicity of the base distro and the ability to install and configure to your needs.

University of Arizona Full Stack developer image

Here are a few of my favorite technologies


gemGame screenshot

Crystal Collector

There is a random value assigned for a target score, and each gem is assigned a random value at the beginning of each game. The objective is to get right to the target score without going over.


trainTime screenshot

Train Scheduler

This project uses Firebase for a database to store mock train arrival and departure data, and Moment.js to convert it to how much time remains until the train arrives at a station.

jQuery Boootstrap Firebase Moment.js

movieBot screenshot


Using the OMDB API to search for movies and movie trailers, and dynamically displaying them on the page in a modal.

jQuery Firebase Bootstrap CSS

bamazon YouTube screenshot


Amazon style app, with 3 different roles in a store - customer, manager, and supervisor.

node.js ESLint MySQL npm

friendFinder screenshot


Full stack app, allows the user to compare answers to other users to find their closest match.

node.js ESLint Express.js npm Bootstrap jQuery

burger screenshot


This app uses a MySQL database to hold data collected from the input field and Handlebars to display the changed data on the front end.

node.js Express.js Handlebars MySQL jQuery

sequelizedBurger screenshot


This app uses the sequelize ORM, which allows for easier interaction with the data stored in the database. Also uses Handlebars to display the data in the front end.

Sequelize node.js Express.js nodemon

trafficMon screenshot


This is a croud-sourcing traffic reporting app. Uses passport for authentication for registered users. User must be registered to create a report.

Passport.js Handlebars node.js Express.js Sequelize

theSimpsons screenshot

The Simpsons React

Uses Create-React-App. React is a completely different way of rendering front end apps, using JavaScript and reusable components.

React Create React App JSX

screenshot for trafficMonReact

TrafficMon (React)

MERN stack version of trafficMon, with a Google Map displaying the traffic layer. Uses the native browser location API to request user location.

React Google Map React MySQL Heroku

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